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How did you get started filming weddings and is it your main business?2020-09-01T22:11:04+00:00

With over 20 years of film production experience, mainly from local commercial production expanding Uptown &More to include wedding video was simple. We have the gear, the experience, and the creative eye. Feel free to check out our work on our wedding video page.

How many videographers will be filming at my wedding?2020-08-23T18:26:40+00:00

Primarily one videographer will be present during your Event as well as an assistant may be present as well.

What is your editing process?2020-08-23T18:25:44+00:00

Using the latest and greatest editing software powered by Adobe.

How many other weddings will you be shooting on my wedding day?2020-08-23T18:24:12+00:00

Over booking causes stress and headaches for everyone. If you have us booked, then you are the only Client we are concerned about that day.

What type of video or film format do you use?2020-09-01T22:11:43+00:00

We are digital all the way and not only digital, professional high-definition 1080p HD digital.

How do you coordinate with my videographer? How do you envision working together?2020-09-01T22:09:50+00:00

Guess what? We do video too! Save time, money and a headache by booking with us. If you already have another vendor, we are happy to cooperate; we have been told we work well with others.

How long after the wedding do we get to see the photos?2020-08-23T18:20:11+00:00

To be honest, we get excited to see the awesomeness from your wedding or event that we dive right into them. During the busy days of wedding season, editing photos can be challenging. Good thing we think ahead and allow enough time for us to deliver great work, never rushed, up to 180 days after your wedding or event.

Will there be a second shooter or any assistants? Is there an additional fee for each?2020-08-23T18:19:38+00:00

Depending on the package you want, a second shooter will be present, check our packages for more information.

Do you have backup photographers who will shoot the wedding if you’re sick?2020-08-23T18:16:51+00:00

We understand people get sick and our talented and trusted associates will be there capturing your event through Heather’s creative eye. They have been scrutinized & prepared to represent Uptown creative vision executed to perfection.

Will you be my actual photographer, or will it be one of your associates?2020-08-23T18:15:36+00:00

Being a small business, either Heather or a trusted team member will be photographing your Event. In those instances where we get super sick or awesomely busy one of our talented and trusted associates will be there capturing your event through Heather’s creative eye. Don’t worry, we didn’t grab the first college graduate with a point and shoot; they were tested & field proven amazing.

What is included?2020-09-01T22:08:41+00:00

That all depends, did you book us for weddings or family? We are experts and we love to make you smile, so we talk a lot and often. Great communication is the key and if you want more detail on any of our services give us a call today.

What is the deposit and total fee?2020-08-23T18:07:44+00:00

Real simple. Half of the total amount is the retainer fee due plus a signed contract to lock in your date. The rest is due 30 business days before, that easy.

What exactly is included in your packages?2020-08-23T18:06:52+00:00

That all depends on photo, video or &more, good thing we list our packages in great detail on our website. Reference the navigation for more information.

What type of equipment do you use?2020-08-23T18:05:31+00:00

Drawing from years of experience not only in photography but in technology from building our own computers and website, rest assured we choose the latest technology that produces our great work that you can see right here. Technology especially in this digital world is the key innovator of any media business.

Do you have a portfolio I can review? Is all of the work yours, and is the work recent?2020-08-23T18:04:12+00:00

Yes, yes and one more yes. You can find our work throughout this entire website that is all us and the most up to date.

What do you think distinguishes your work from that of others?2020-08-23T18:03:28+00:00

The uniqueness that is who we are, is expressed in everything we do and we hope you love it.

How would you describe your working style?2020-08-23T18:00:37+00:00

Proactive, direct and most importantly friendly. With proper scheduling, confirmations and check-in’s we strive to give you confidence in us.

How would you describe your style for Photo & Video?2020-08-23T18:52:54+00:00

Artistic, Classic, Documentary, Dramatic, Lifestyle, Modern, Vintage

How long have you been in business?2020-08-23T17:58:46+00:00

We have been working together on Uptown &More since 2012.

How far in advance do I need to book with you?2020-08-23T17:56:30+00:00

Bookings happen quickly, do your best to book as soon as you know your date.

Where do I start?2020-09-01T22:05:28+00:00

We start with your date first because without availability we do not want to waste your time. In most instances when we are already booked we have & are happy to provide other vendors we know & trust who would be a great fit for your event.