Engagement Sessions

July 4, 2024

4 Reasons Why My Engagement Sessions Are Complimentary

The Benefits of Complimentary Engagement Sessions

When it comes to wedding photography, many factors can influence your overall wedding experience and make your special day that much BETTER! That is why I wanted to share the four reasons my engagement sessions are complimentary to my wedding package. I know that some wedding photographers can add this as an additional service, but I truly believe having an engagement session before the wedding day is a game changer!

Having an engagement session before the big day makes your wedding day flow more accessible and, of course, provides you with even more AMAZING and genuine photographs than if you went without, and here’s why.

It Allows You To Get Comfortable In Front Of The Camera

Darian and Zack's engagement at Tattnall Square Park and Mercer University

Most of my couples are nervous about being photographed because they’ve never been professionally photographed. That is normal! It is a big reason I provide my couples with an engagement shoot prep guide before our session to help prepare you and give lots of instructions at your engagement session. After your engagement session, the wedding day feels so much more relaxing and at ease because you’ve done a lot of the posing before; you know what it’s like working with me, which then allows you to be calmer and feel so much more confident when it comes time to take your photographs.

Get To Know How You Two Interact

I know that most people I photograph have rarely, if ever, been photographed professionally. Being in from the camera can be intimidating! This allows me to see how you are together and in front of the camera. This is super important because each couple acts differently with one another when being photographed, so it is vital to get a feel for each couple to ensure we capture some unique portraits on the wedding day.

Ability To Know Your Best Poses And How To Photograph You In A Genuine Way

Because I’m shooting couples who are inexperienced in front of the camera, I can figure out the best poses for you, find your right angles, and learn how to bring out the genuine emotion in each person so that I can genuinely capture YOU. Like I said earlier, it’s my chance to get to know you two as a couple since everyone acts and will need to be photographed differently. People’s bone structure, height, weight, comfort level, ability to listen to instruction, personality, and overall natural interaction with each other, are things that make a difference and are factored into your engagement session. And when we get to practice together, this translates to better images on the wedding day, and who doesn’t want that?!

Heightens The Excitement And Anticipation For Your Big Day

After the big proposal, the excitement over your wedding day tends to die down a bit because, let’s face it, there is a lot of information and exciting new things happening all the time. When you have a formal engagement session, you can share the excitement again! And then you also have amazing photographs to display at the bridal shower, on the save the dates, and on the wedding day!

An Engagement Session Helps Your Overall Wedding Experience

As you can see, having an engagement session with your wedding photographer helps your overall wedding experience! I know some couples may not want to have one for various reasons, but the benefits of having one, in my experience, are vital. Wedding days flow much more smoothly, and my couples go into their wedding day more confidently. That is why this truly is a complimentary service in my wedding package because I want to ensure that my bride and grooms have the best experience working with me, and I genuinely have no regrets! If you desire natural photographs representing you as a couple, an engagement session helps ensure your pictures don’t look too stiff or posed. And as a friendly reminder, after your wedding day is all said and done, all you have left with you is your husband (or wife) and your photographs (and maybe a wedding video). Your wedding photos will carry on with you forever, and I want nothing more then for you to LOVE them and for your personalities to truly be reflected in them!